Patient Becomes Practitioner

Dr. Jeffery isn’t just a practitioner of chiropractic care – he’s also a patient. When he was 21, he suffered from relentless, extreme neck pain. After seeking help from a chiropractor, he felt immediate relief – and he’s made chiropractic care part of his own wellness routine ever since.

To this day, Dr. Jeffery receives regular adjustments and credits chiropractic care for enabling him to be an avid swimmer and marathon runner. He also believes that chiropractic care keeps his immune system strong: he hasn’t missed a day of work due to sickness in over 30 years.

The time Dr. Jeffery spends on the other side of the table gives him additional insight and empathy that he’s able to apply on the job each day in his practice.

Care Is the Key Word

Dr. Jeffery’s perfect attendance record is about much more than showing up for work each day. He cares deeply about helping his patients, alleviating their pain, and guiding them toward wellness routines and treatment plans that enable them to sustain their health and happiness.

Chiropractic care has made a substantial positive impact in Dr. Jeffery’s life, and he hopes that his care will be just as beneficial for his patients.

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